Business Associates

``I have personally known Frank DiMarco for over 20 years. During that time he has stood out as one of the finest licensed design contractors that we have the privilege to work alongside. He has built a reputation for himself as an extremely knowledgeable expert in design to finished product landscape lighting designs coupled with his signature warranty, his one of a kind warranty that is significantly above the industry standard. His excellent staff has maintained a company founded on trust and loyalty to their customers and solidifying their spot as one of the leaders in our industry. It is an honor to produce North American made products to such a respected company and partner with one of the true champions of our industry.``

Dan Cuñado - Founder & President @ Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting (Simi Valley, California)

``I have been working with the team at Dimarco Landscape Lighting for just over 6 years and daily I am still impressed with their desire to deliver World Class customer service and quality systems to their customers. Frank and Theresa Dimarco have developed a team that understand the vision and details required to surpass the expectations of their vendors, customers and teammates everyday. The passion that Frank has for the design and installation of his custom systems is only rivalled by his quality and consistency on every project. Frank also invests in training and developing his people so that no matter who runs his projects his customers are guaranteed to receive exactly what he promised.``

James Riddell - Area Manager of Eastern Canada @ SiteOne Landscape Supply

``Attention to detail, exceptional product/fixture quality and unprecedented service has kept DiMarco at the fore front of their market place and admired by their competition. Frank DiMarco, master electrician, and his skilled loyal crew members have designed, installed and serviced hundreds of very elaborate and technical lighting systems for many of our estate properties and quaint urban castles across southern Ontario.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend the DiMarco Landscape Lighting team to my clients.

Brian Miller - President @ Dusty Miller Landscaping Ltd.

``I have known and learned to respect Frank’s ability in our profession for nearly 20 years. Both of us as Charter members of a Landscape/Architectural low voltage Lighting Association LVLIA, renamed AOLP (Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals), we were able to work together at the inception of this Association which spans all of the North American continent. As the Association's President, I had the pleasure to work with Frank as he authored the “Standards for the Installation of Low Voltage Landscape and Architectural Lighting Systems” which even though the industry has evolved with technology still serves as the only industry standard I am aware of. The Standards serve as the basis to our Association's CLVLT- Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician- program which is the only one recognized serving our industry. We have developed a lasting friendship based on mutual respect over the years.

As a practitioner in this industry, Frank and the DLL team bring their electrical background, experience, creativity, ingenuity to each client’s project which DiMarco Landscape Lighting is
engaged with.
DLL serves and guides its clientele well throughout the entire process- design, installation and after the`` lights are on`` service. Professionalism is a DLL hallmark.``

Heinrich W. Fischer - Past President @ AOLP

``What makes a good customer? One whom you are proud to have buy and install your products? A longstanding reputation for quality work. Integrity in business. The benevolence to give back, develop and promote professionalism in their industry. This is the eminence to which all should strive. This is DiMarco Landscape Lighting.``

John Higo - Sales & Product Development @ Illumicare

``I have known Frank for the better part of 28 years. Frank is a straight shooter whose word is his bond. Franks passion for lighting coupled with his professionalism has made Dimarco Landscape Lighting a shinning star in the industry.``

Raymond Josephian - International Sales & Distribution @ Illumicare

Customer Referrals 

``Low key as requested, delicate and inviting, beyond expectations. We are pleased with the outcome and appreciate the dedicated effort of your team on the job.

We love your enthusiasm for what you do and you responsive follow through to completion of our project.``

Jane Shevlen

``Thank you for the beautiful landscape lighting you designed and installed in our garden.

You were absolutely right - the overhead tree lights are totally unobtrusive and the subtle designs they create on the ground is lovely in summer and outstanding on the snow in winters. ``

Dorothy & Bud Bray

``...Our lawn maintenance crew was there during our sprinkler installation. They too commented that they had never seen a sprinkler installation done so efficiently so expertly and with such extreme care to avoid damage to the lawn. You are to be commended for the service culture you have instilled in all your staff. We have experienced a professional approach to this project, from start to finish.
We are now looking forward to a lush lawn for years to come!``

William G. Wolfson

``I would like to thank you for an excellent job installing our ``nightcaping`` outdoor lighting. It was a very professional effort on behalf of your staff including minimal disturbance to our delicate 'eco-system' ! ``

J. David Mason

``I highly recommend DiMarco Landscape Lighting. They are truly professional in their work. They maintain an ongoing interest in their installation, ensuring long term customer satisfaction and loyalty.``

Cathy L. Diamond

``Dear Frank
The lighting system you designed and installed for us are the jewels of our entire garden.
You are truly a master. Your work is excellent and meticulous. lt has now been about four years since the first phase of installation. Every year since the start we bump up the lighting with more because our garden is maturing and expanding. Every year the lighting adds additional gorgeous elements and features to the overall elegant look of our garden.
Not only is the lighting stunning in the summer but the winter months are breath taking. During the fall/winter the lights peak through the trees, bushes and snow and it is a perfect scene for a magazine cover.
The maintenance you provide is the best. We have never experienced one issue related to the lighting system or maintenance. Your office checks in with me annually and your skilled technician attends to check all lighting and where necessary change bulbs. We have a good mix of halogen and LED bulbs. Last year when our landscaper accidentally cut through some irrigation and lighting wires during tree planting you immediately came and repaired.
Frank you are nice and easy to deal with. Your demeanour and work is professional and always well scheduled. You don't play around with times and dates. Your scheduling is excellent. No nonsense. I appreciate that and wish there were more people in trades like you.
We could not be more pleased. Many thanks!!``

Tammy Balitsky

``I highly recommend DiMarco Landscape Lighting. They are truly professional in their work. They maintain an ongoing interest in their installation, ensuring long term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cathy L. Diamond

``Not only does it add to our enjoyment of our home but also to its value!
If anyone's contemplating outdoor lighting they will not be disappointed if they decide to go with DiMarco Landscape Lighting.

Thank you!``

Bob & Sandy Kosmic

``The DiMarco organization has been looking after the landscape lighting and irrigation systems at my North Toronto home since Frank DiMarco and his team installed both systems in the spring of 2007. Since then I have contracted DiMarco to install and maintain the irrigation system at my corporate office also.

As a contractor myself, I appriciate a well-organized and tightly operated organization that puts emphasis on maintaining excellent commuications with the customer and ensuring superior customer service. DiMarco Landscape Lighting exhibits all of these attributes and because they do, not only can I count on the DiMarco team to deliver, coordinating modifications to my systems and/or arranging annual service visits is always convenient, worry-free and above, pleasurable experience.

The same concern for communicating promptly and for ensuring that the customer is always satisfied is exhibited by everyone that works for the DiMarco organization.

I would be pleased to recommend DiMarco Landscape Lighting to anyone considering installing a new landscape lighting and/or irrigation system or to anyone looking to repair or modify an existing system.``

Christopher Dossett

``We recently had some work at our property; renovating our existing garden and making some additions, and we are very pleased with the result.``

William J. Anderson

``Once it was dark out and we could see the full impact of the lighting, we could not believe our eyes! The up-lighting, down-lighting and other effects are simply spectacular! People who drive by our house at night stop to look at the lighting. Our family, friends and neighbors all say they have never seen lighting as beautiful!``

Nicole & Gary Nayman

``The landscape lighting in our backyard is amazing! It's just perfect ... the hill looks like a postcard, the stone wall looks dramatic and the tree sparkles. WOW!

I would like to thank you for your expert advice and for your thoughtful and professional crew. Your team were an absolute pleasure to deal with.

We would like to have you take over our irrigation system maintenance this fall!``

Susan Silver

``The irrigation component was critical to the well being of the many plants associated with the new landscaping of the property. DLL made recommendations on lighting types, walked us through the placement of the lights, and when close to complete arranged a demonstration one night to show us where they were headed with the design.

When finished and they flipped the switch my wife and I were completely blown away!
The lighting showcases the home and landscaping beautifully and the architect concurs! From day one DLL instilled confidence and acted professionally.

DLL was recommended to us and we would not hesitate to recommend them ourselves.``

Gino Vettoretto & Isabel Alves-Vettoretto

``I'm sure you don't need more testimonial letters for your portfolio; however, the lighting installation and sprinkler system modifications done by your guys were just too good to let go unrecognized. Thanks again!``

A. C. Strickler, M.D.

``We want to let you know that we are truly delighted with the result. The lighting as you designed really adds a lot to the side and rear yard, and we have received in a short time many compliments!``

Jay Josefo

``The lighting system has improved the look of our property considerably, by illuminating accent features of our landscaping.

The installation was done promptly, neatly and with a minimum of disturbance to the existing planting

The after sale service has been prompt and courteous.``

Donald S. Caudle