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A Complete Landscape Lighting Service includes:

Changing All of the Bulbs: Even though some of the bulbs are still working the reflector will tarnish and lose its reflection over time. This will lessen the intensity of the light output. They also have a rated life span (2 years) and will eventually burn out. If there are some out now, in all likelihood more of them will start to burn out. It is more cost efficient to have all the bulbs changed at once to avoid multiple service calls for burnt out lights, and it is important to have the condition of each fixture examined on a regular schedule.

Cleaning the Lenses of Dirt: Sediment and other environmental particles may have settled on the lenses. Cleaning the lenses will help keep the intensity of the light as it should be.

Servicing the Sockets; Cleaning any items that may be in the fixture, spraying them with an electrical contact cleaner will help to keep any corrosion from building up, which can lessen the lifespan of the fixture. Any burnt out sockets will be replaced.

Tree Growth Adjustment; We loosen any hardware that are in the trees. This will save the trees from any harm coming to them by having to grow around staples, fixtures or the wire. It will also save the cost of having to replace a fixture or wire if the tree grows enough to damage these items.

Aiming of the Fixtures : Over time, with the weather, regular gardening and property maintenance, some of the lights may be misadjusted and they may not be shining in the best possible direction. We will re-aim them and if necessary, we will re-locate them if planting has blocked the light from shining on what it was intended to illuminate.

We change the Battery: The battery in the timer is changed and the programming is checked. If the battery goes flat, the timer will not turn your lights on or off and the programming will be lost and will need to be reset. The battery lifespan is rated for 2 years.

All of this work will help your system last as long as it can. We have many lighting systems still working as good now (with regular maintenance) as they did when they were installed over 20 years ago. We have also been back to sites that were not serviced for a number of years, and we have had to replace fixtures, and hardware; which could have been avoided with regular maintenance.

We bill on a time and material basis for our service work. You should not attempt to do this service yourself, nor have unskilled technicians service your system, as by doing so, you may damage your fixtures, leading to more costly repairs and ultimately decrease the value of your lighting system. We only use high quality long life bulbs that are specifically rated for your fixtures. We have been
in business for 25 years and most of our service crew have been with us for over 10 years. Our service crew are familiar with your lighting system and they have the skill set to maintain it. We stand behind all of our service work.

We also do indoor electrical work as we have Electricians on staff, a Master Electrician, and experienced Lawn Sprinkler technicians to help you with your sprinkler needs. We also hook up hot tubs and pools. We service the Muskoka area as well as Toronto and the surrounding area, should you need assistance at your cottage. Check out our award winning work at Please give us a call with any questions you may have regarding our services or to book an appointment: 1-888-515-5567 or  Email Us